Mental Spirits

Mental Spirits is the Progressive Psy-Trance Project by the 18 Years old Christian Pusch.
His style can be described as deep, mystic and pushing hard.

Listening to Big Room was the first big step into the world of electronic music. He realized fast that this music is not strong enough for him so he came across Hardstyle and Hardcore. With 15 Years he discovered Psy-Trance.

This music gave him so much pleasure and touched his heart so he decided to recreate this unique type of music. He quitted more than once because he was not satisfied with what he was doing. Shaped by perfectionismn he tried again and again to come up with something individual.

When Christian turned 17 Years old he thought it is time to start DJing as producing did not went the way it should. Playing at friends homes and passioned by the music he soon bought his first own equipment. Just one month later he played at a private Party and stunned the crowd with his energy.


Time was passing by and he already played at festivals like the Elements Festival in Aistersheim (Austria) or Caaarusel Festival in Passau (Germany). He also got the opportunity to play at the Queen’s Club, one of the most renown Psy-Trance Clubs in Austria.

Meanwhile he started producing again and already astonished the ravers with his own productions on the dancefloor.

Listen to his music here.