Being Forced To Write

It’s not that easy to write a blogpost every week. Sometimes you just miss the words, on other days you have no idea what to write about. That’s what happened to me this week. There was a guest blog planned for this week but the writer recently cancelled it, so I’m sitting here and the first thing that ran through my mind was:

“Hm, I’ll write a blog post about writing a blog post when you don’t have any idea.”
Weird, isn’t it?

I guess we all remember the feeling of sitting at school and the teacher’s telling you to, no, actually, commanding you to “Write something interesting before next Thursday” There’s no doubt it gives the teacher some kind of satisfaction by destroying a poor little kid’s life.

Then you find yourself on Wednesday evening, sitting half asleep in front of your paper and your hand isn’t willing to write anything at all.




In truth, the later it is, the more productive I become. Well, that’s just the case because I need to get it done and it’s becoming more urgent.
Guess what?

The next morning when the alarm rings I hate myself for the above, and it seemed to turn out the same way today. Okay, not only today. It happens to me like everyday, so it’s not getting better at all.

Another thing I like about accomplishing my tasks during the night is that nothing’s distracting me. It’s dark outside, there’s nobody around, everybody’s asleep but the most important thing is that my parents are asleep as well.

As you may know, English isn’t my first language so there’s nothing more annoying than having somebody talking to you in German when you are supposed to be writing in English. It even irritates me when having to do it in the same language.

One problem I face when working during the night is that I can’t play out the music loud. Who would like to hear some Psy-Trance at midnight, if you are expected to get up at 5 o’clock in the morning the next day?
I guess I could count them on one hand (and no those aren’t living with me or next to me, sadly. However, I wouldn’t want it that way either)


So, that’s been enough complaining for now, let’s get back to where we started. As you may have already noticed, I sometimes tend to lose the topic when just writing off the top of my head.

Depending on the style you are writing, it can be either easy or very hard. If I’d have to write an article or a review today it might be a lot easier. I don’t need to be creative to do this stuff (okay, that’s a lie, I still need some kind of creativity, but the direction is already given).


blog meme


When writing a blogpost it can be hard to find a topic as there isn’t a limit but you set a limit for yourself. If I’d start to write about cooking my lunch, for example, everyone would be bewildered by what on earth is going on in my head.
I need to stick with a line. With something in common.

The moment I decided to do a blogpost about a blogpost it made things instantly easier as there’s nobody telling me I need to do it this way or that way. I can just write whatever crosses my mind.


A completely intuitive blogpost, that’s the way this one turned out.

Let me know, what you think of this. Is it an alternation to all the other “planned” blog posts? Or, do you think you wasted your time reading a totally random, weird piece of writing?

5 Tips for the perfect DJ Set

In the past weeks many of you requested a blog on how to prepare a DJ Set. Selecting the tracks is a personal preference and every artist is taking care of other aspects. Today I’ll give you some of my tips.


1. Playtime

The very first thing I do is looking up what time I’m playing. There’s nothing worse than having a DJ playing the hardest and most powerful tracks in the very beginning. Don’t be such a fool and select your tracks carefully!!

2. Other DJs

You aren’t the only DJ playing that night, are you? If you don’t know the DJ who’s playing right after you just drop him a message and ask what style he plans to play. Select your tracks in a way, that you finish them off with some tracks in the style the other DJ is going to play. It’ll make the transition from one DJ to another a lot smoother. The party people will thank you for doing so! 😉

3. Structure

Great, you already know what songs you are playing in the end / beginning of your set. If you play the warm up or cool down you have tons of possibilities on how to structure your set.
Don’t hesitate to spend most of your time in structuring the mix. Adopt the same structure you used the last times. The crowd loves the style you are playing and they want to hear something similar! Don’t play the same sets at the same venues, though.

4. Plan B

I recommend you to have a “Plan B”. Think of your DJ Set like a car ride. You got destination A and B. However, there’s more than one route so you can either take the highway or the motorway.

5. Play it!!

Once the DJ Set is structured and well organized it’s time to play it! There can’t go anything wrong by following the steps above cautiously and corresponding with the crowd!


Do you have a checklist on how to prepare your checklist? I would love to hear about your workflow! Just leave a comment down below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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