Being Forced To Write

It’s not that easy to write a blogpost every week. Sometimes you just miss the words, on other days you have no idea what to write about. That’s what happened to me this week. There was a guest blog planned for this week but the writer recently cancelled it, so I’m sitting here and the first thing that ran through my mind was:

“Hm, I’ll write a blog post about writing a blog post when you don’t have any idea.”
Weird, isn’t it?

I guess we all remember the feeling of sitting at school and the teacher’s telling you to, no, actually, commanding you to “Write something interesting before next Thursday” There’s no doubt it gives the teacher some kind of satisfaction by destroying a poor little kid’s life.

Then you find yourself on Wednesday evening, sitting half asleep in front of your paper and your hand isn’t willing to write anything at all.




In truth, the later it is, the more productive I become. Well, that’s just the case because I need to get it done and it’s becoming more urgent.
Guess what?

The next morning when the alarm rings I hate myself for the above, and it seemed to turn out the same way today. Okay, not only today. It happens to me like everyday, so it’s not getting better at all.

Another thing I like about accomplishing my tasks during the night is that nothing’s distracting me. It’s dark outside, there’s nobody around, everybody’s asleep but the most important thing is that my parents are asleep as well.

As you may know, English isn’t my first language so there’s nothing more annoying than having somebody talking to you in German when you are supposed to be writing in English. It even irritates me when having to do it in the same language.

One problem I face when working during the night is that I can’t play out the music loud. Who would like to hear some Psy-Trance at midnight, if you are expected to get up at 5 o’clock in the morning the next day?
I guess I could count them on one hand (and no those aren’t living with me or next to me, sadly. However, I wouldn’t want it that way either)


So, that’s been enough complaining for now, let’s get back to where we started. As you may have already noticed, I sometimes tend to lose the topic when just writing off the top of my head.

Depending on the style you are writing, it can be either easy or very hard. If I’d have to write an article or a review today it might be a lot easier. I don’t need to be creative to do this stuff (okay, that’s a lie, I still need some kind of creativity, but the direction is already given).


blog meme


When writing a blogpost it can be hard to find a topic as there isn’t a limit but you set a limit for yourself. If I’d start to write about cooking my lunch, for example, everyone would be bewildered by what on earth is going on in my head.
I need to stick with a line. With something in common.

The moment I decided to do a blogpost about a blogpost it made things instantly easier as there’s nobody telling me I need to do it this way or that way. I can just write whatever crosses my mind.


A completely intuitive blogpost, that’s the way this one turned out.

Let me know, what you think of this. Is it an alternation to all the other “planned” blog posts? Or, do you think you wasted your time reading a totally random, weird piece of writing?

Focus On The Moment

The past weeks I focused on writing about philosophical topics. However, I thought it would be more than appropriate for this week’s blog to write something personal. In the very beginning of my so-called “blogging” career I talked about what inspires me to produce music, my journey and what I’m looking forward to in the future.

Nonetheless, the most important is to enjoy the moment. So I’d love to talk about what my life currently looks like, the problems I’m facing and, of course, the small successes I’m having.


I wonder what the maximum amount of time, yes, I’m talking about time, is you can put into working until your body and mind stagnates. Currently, I work about 70-80 hours a week excluding the time I spend for travelling. It seems to work out fine for me, I still got lots of energy and I can accomplish most of my work in time without losing quality. Until it’s sunday. Sunday’s the day I get nothing done even if I try hard.
So I rather spend my sundays with reading a book, sleeping or doing nothing. I cannot work 7 days a week without any breaks and little amount of sleep. I doubt anybody can do so.

What still keeps me up to do my work are the little achievements. The ones I know I got better, even if it’s just a bit. There’s nothing greater than seeing someone’s checking your work and they see you put effort in it. And they like it.
I did some artwork for a friend last week, finished the mastering for others and a new song whilst I coped with school. What excites me the most is that I got deeper into video animation. Video animation is like a super professional topic for me. I didn’t know it’s that hard. But I can do it if I really want to.

So finally, what keeps me going to do all this stuff? It’s just the little things in life that I enjoy and appreciate!

What is “Time”?

A minute lasts 60 seconds…
An hour lasts 60 minutes..
A day lasts 24 hours
… and a week lasts 7 days


I usually do not think of any topic I will be writing about every weeks blog. I just live my life and see what I come up with. Most of the times the greatest ideas come from nowhere. Like this time. I was lying in my bed and reading a book. I tend to read before I fall asleep because it gives me a much greater and more efficient sleep. That moment I got too tired to read anymore a question crossed my head. What time is it? I did not look it up. I was satisfied without knowing what the clock might say. I just brainstormed the word “time” and came up with a question that still hunts me for days.

What does time mean?

Time can be measured. Time can be used to measure. Measure what? Measure our success, our life, our fails. Without time we would not be waiting for anything. How can I wait for something without knowing when it is going to happen?

I still go to school and when I’m in class I tend to check when the lesson is over.Since that night I stopped looking up the clock. Not knowing when the next lesson will start I can focus much more on the important things. Learning. Thats actually why I am there. Do I go to school to wait for it to be over?


This example can be transposed to our work life. I lack of work experience, of course, because I am still very young but when I was working I recognized two different types of employees:

  1. The “When Is The Day Over?” worker
  2. The “I Do Not Care What Time It Is” worker

The first one can be identified by dropping his pen exactly when the clock turns 12 o’clock for lunch break. His work will be less productive because of taking care when the break is going to happen. He cannot focus on the work properly. I doubt he loves what he is doing.

Whileas, the second one tries to finish his work. Break is not determined by time, it is by what has been done. Usually, he seems to be more happy about what he is doing. He got a sense of humour for his work. He truely loves it.


You have the opportunity to chose the life you want to live. Being either the “When Is The Day Over” or the “I Do Not Care What Time It Is” worker.

So, what does time actually mean? What does time mean to you? I would be glad to hear some of your opinion on how your life is controlled by the clock and if you ever tried to make changes?



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