The Green Pepper

This week I will come up with something completely different. A story I love to tell others when I feel the atmosphere is broken. A story that makes no sense. A story without a moral. (Okay, maybe there is one in there but I have not been able to identify it yet)

The Green Pepper

Nutrition is really important for me. It gives me the power I need to accomplish my goals, it motivates me and fills me with joy.  For a balanced nutrition vegetables are really important. I usually tended to neglect vegetables as I did not like them. Neither cucumbers nor courgette. To be honest, I always liked pepper but I never enjoyed them raw. Therefor I decided:

Let’s eat one pepper every day!

On the first day I told myself: Pepper tastes great. You will love it.

It really worked out for me. I was excited all day long to eat vegetables.
Until I needed to eat the pepper. It was a green pepper. The only one we have had at home. Our garden is filled with green pepper.

Without making it worse, it tasted like I do not know what. But everything else than great. Some kind of detergent (Okay well, I do not know what detergent tastes like but that’s what I imagine. Maybe detergent tastes even greater) or whatsoever.

As promised I ate the whole pepper and told myself:

“Your body is just not used to eat it. But it will taste great after you have eaten it a couple of times”


Do not be scared I will make the story a bit faster.
The same happened for me the next weeks. Green pepper. It tasted nightmarish. I told myself: “You will start liking it soon”

One day a classmate brought some red pepper. I told him that I actually hate pepper and that I just eat those for health reasons so he offered me some red pepper.
It tasted gorgeous, ambrosial, delicious, …. (there are no words to describe what I felt like. It was unbelieveable for me that I have just eaten a pepper and i enjoyed it!)

I came home and told my parents immediatly:
I need red pepper instead of green ones!!!!

Okay, so they got me some and it tasted exactly the same. It is unlikely to be true that this is pepper.
I kept going eating red and yellow pepper only. I was overwhelmed because I thought I just told my brain to like pepper and it did so.

Well, nonetheless I tried green pepper once again after a few months. I expected to like it.
I did not.

If you have any questions concerning green pepper or vegetables in general do not hesitate to contact me! I would also be more than glad to hear your opinion on green pepper! Do you like it?

If you have not tried out green pepper yet you can share your experiences following these “instructions” and tell me your output!


Have a blessful day!